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In my sleep, I have stopped dreaming

In my sleep I float out from under my covers and I find my way to you

In my sleep I cradle myself into your arms and bury my face in your chest

In my sleep, I hear your breathing like music to my ears and feel your heartbeat like the very blood pulsating inside of me

In my sleep I feel your hands on me
In my sleep I noticed that I have stopped dreaming

Maybe it’s because I’m not asleep

I notice I have stopped dreaming because I’m not asleep

I’m not asleep because I can hear your gentle snoring and feel your thick hair between my fingers

I’m not asleep because I can smell your skin right under my nose

I’m not asleep because you’re here,  right next to me, and you’re here to stay


tell me about

the snow crumbles upon us

the birds flock in migration like flecks of pepper in the sky

the pink hued background fades perfectly into the night

faces pale

tell me about winter when you were a kid

about the blizzards and the fireplaces and the trees coated in white

tell me about your birds and hues and faces

tell me about the miles to go before you sleep

forget i said what i said

because what i said doesn’t matter

you hurt me so what was i supposed to say

i wont forget what you said

because you didnt say anything

you didnt even apologize

Thought we were safe

When you stepped off
I thought we were safe

Then you came closer
and I really saw your face

we were never okay
not even at your pace

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