14866This book has placed itself on my best reads list. It was definitely not something that I was expecting to love. At first glance the book looks like a tough read, and it is. Just not in the sense that you think. Starting off a roller coaster of emotion, the beginning gets right to the tragedy at Sterling High School. Some delusional monster of a kid has shot up the school claiming ten lives and wounding countless others. This book helps teach the importance of media censorship and judging a book by its cover.

People do things that shock us all the time. Steal, lie, cheat, kill. Are they really monsters? Or are they human? In this book, Peter Houghton, a long time loner and outcast takes revenge on the people who have bullied him and tormented him his whole life, and a few “innocent” others.

What I loved so much of this book is the way that at the beginning, you think: How could someone do this? This person deserves life in jail, they deserve to be put away. Picoult feeds us anecdotes from Peter’s childhood that destroy you inside. His mother, Lacy, thought she raised him as the perfect child. This book gives us the parents insight. The people that commit these tragedies are someone’s son, daughter, student, cousin, lover..

If you’re looking for a bit of a plot twist (plot twist rating 5/10) and a deeply emotional journal that will cause you to look at yourself and try to understand those around you, don’t waste time in reading this amazing book.