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Nail Art

DIY Kylie Jenner Nails!

Everyone has been all over Kylie Jenner and all of her fabulousness so why not jump on the trend and look fabulous too?

The best part of this DIY… it cost me $3 to make… If you don’t have the polishes you want and need to buy more… it should cost you more than $6! Way better than $50 at a salon right? Let’s get into this! Now these aren’t acrylic, they are glue on nails but they last me a SOLID WEEK before they start popping off and the next time I need to do my nails like this, I didn’t even have to buy new supplies!
You will need: Nail Glue (I use the KISS Brush on nail glue, about $2), Fake Nails (Also KISS, $1 at Dollar General), Polish of your choice (Pictures above is ESSIE I forgot the name but it is a pale gray!), MATTE topcoat (I use the Salon Perfect one), and a nail file (any will do!)
FIRST: Remove all of your old polish and cut your nails short. This will help your nails stay on longer.
SECOND: Fit all of the nails, to make sure which fake nail will fit on which finger. File your whole nail to make a rough surface… this will help the glue adhere better!
THIRD: Brush on the glue (brush on glue is better than the other type because you have more control!) Also, I use two coats of glue.. and the press on the nail firmly for about 5 seconds.
FOURTH: File the fake nails to desired length… as you can see in the picture above…I didn’t go full Kylie because some of us actually have jobs you know..
FIFTH: Paint the nails and seal with a matte topcoat!
Something vital to remember: Its going to take time to get used to these, don’t be paranoid about them popping off but still be careful! You’ll get used to it before you know it, and always carry a spare nail in case of an accident!
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Nail Art: Hairspray Technique

So, I follow a lot of nail bloggers because nail art fascinates me! I love doing nail art, except sometimes I can run out of patience. There are a lot of new techniques and ways to do your nails now a days it’s hard to keep up with it all. I remember trying to do water-marbling, but there is soooo much that plays into it… like the temperature of the water, how you swirl the pattern, the type of polish you use!

Maybe one day, I’ll go back to water-marbling and I’ll try to conquer it but for now…. Let’s go another route! The oh so famous, pinterest inspired hairspray technique. The hairspray marble effect looks like marble! Who would have thought?! It’s simple and not that hard to pull off!Okay so here is how it goes…  Not all of these pictures are mine btw, I forgot to take a picture at some parts!

FIRST: Paint your nails a base color!

Displaying 20141123_143642.jpg

SECOND: Get the second color ready, and put a drop into a small container of water. Spray your hairspray about 1 inch away after the color spreads on the surface of the water.

THIRD: Find your favorite part of the of the spray design and dip your nail into the design.

FOURTH: Do a bit of cleaning up around the cuticles and seal with a topcoat.

Here’s my final result!

Displaying 20141125_164607.jpg

And here are more design if you need inspiration!


I can actually say this is one of my new favorite designs! I hope this helped!

On a side note: I just bout my first nail art stamping set, so stay tuned for that series!

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You can find me and my nail art designs on Nailpolis!

I just discovered this website a few weeks back and I think it is adorable! On this website people can publish their Nail Art and check out other Nail Art enthusiasts! Besides that, the amount of inspiration taken from this handy website is unimaginable!

If you love Nail Art, check out they have contests and is presented like a huge nail polish and nail museum for you to showcase your art!

Look for me too!

Also my Nail Art Instagram: nailprincessxoxo

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