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Airbrushed Legs VoxBox!

Recently, I received another happy little box from a great website named Influenster. This website sends you free products to review, in exchange for your reviews! Penny for your thoughts type of thing. Click here to learn more about this website. Also, on my youtube channel you can find my unboxing of the Airbrushed Legs VoxBox.

So this is just leg makeup that you wear while you are showing off your legs, like wearing dresses, shorts. Personally, I don’t see an immediate need for something like this in my life. I don’t wear dresses, shorts or skirts that often. I wasn’t very impressed with the size of the product that influenster sent, but it was alright.

The actual makeup looks like a very sheer foundation formula and even makes your legs tanner. I liked it but was constantly worried about it rubbing off on chairs/sofas I sat on. It didn’t come on blotchy, but it water resistant. I didn’t go swimming while I had it on, but I bet my top dollar it would hold.

Overall, this seems like a nice product to invest in if you do wear things like this often and have veins, discoloration or scars that you want to try to even out. Just don’t expect miracles!

Rating: 6/10!


Rimmel London Product Review

Thanks Influenster! For sending me these great products to try out, and to most importantly… LOVE! These babies were definitely exactly what I needed and they couldn’t have come at a better time!

Let’s talk about the Rimmel London Scandalous Eyes Eye Liner:

I was really in need of a black pencil eye liner and this is a beauty! It is perfectly pigmented and has a great base for control and even application. The black is spot on and is perfect for water lining and tight lining! Do these come in more colors?

Now… the Rimmel London Gentle Eye Makeup Remover:

I regularyly use the Mary Kay Oil Free makeup remover, but it costs me 15 bucks whereas this product would cost me 7. Which is a great deal. This product has that watery consistency not the very oily one, and paired with the right type of cotton pad and makeup wipes you can kiss your makeup goodbye at the end of the night and trust that you’re sleeping with a clean face! I love this eye makeup remover because it really is gentle and I love the size!

Thanks Influenster!

Celestial Tea Taste Test!

Displaying taste test banner final.jpg

Okay, to start off I would like to address the fact that I have been beyond sick this past few weeks and let me just mention that when I get sick… I GET SICK. My severe asthma definitely does NOT help and I just want to say that this taste test was performed by a person with a COLD.

So, Let’s talk process, shall we? I make my tea’s (and any other hot drinks for that matter) with my Keurig. First, I heat up the water, drop the tea packet in, add a sweetner and let it sit for about 2 minutes before drinking.

Displaying 20150111_155447.jpg

This Celestial Tea was sent to me for testing purposes by Influenster! I received it in my #FrostyVoxBox and it came with two tea packets. It is the Candy Cane Lane Green Tea, which is just a fancy holiday name for green tea. After I added a couple spoonfuls of honey (I’m sick remember!) and tried it out, I honestly fell in love! I love green tea and this was great for my hurting throat and even soothed my cough for a while after.  All in all, this product is great! It is a great tea to have around the house, and I will definitely be purchasing the full size.

#FrostyVoxBox Review

So I recently drafted this post… but wordpress lost it. Thank you WordPress.

I received the #FrostyVoxBox complimentary from influenster this past month and I am in love with (almost) everything this box had to offer me! It was the perfect early christmas gift from by buddies over at Influenster!

Let’s get right into it!

In my Voxbox I found a No. 7 Serum packet that is made to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and deep lines, which honestly, is no use to me. I mean I’m nineteen with no wrinkles and though I appreciate the thought Influenster, I didn’t really need it. My mom used it though and she really liked it.

Another thing was the NYC Lip color in Sugar Plum, which is awesome because makeup is always welcome in my Voxboxes but the packaging on this product is terribly poor. I cant put it in my purse, or makeup bag without fear that the cheap plastic cap will pop off and ruin the lipstick. It’s a gorgeous color though, and goes on smoothly and beautifully.  So product gets a 7/10 and product packaging a 1/10.

Next was the Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Lane Green Tea packets from their Holiday Tea collection, and this was great because I love green tea and this tea was so yummy! Keep an eye out for the taste test on my blog!

Now let’s talk about the wonderful EcoTools Hairbrush that I was doubting at first! When I first saw “EcoTools” I was so happy! I love this brand it is one of my favorites! When I felt the bristles on the brush I was kind of worried because they felt rough and like they would hurt. When I actually brushed my hair, it felt so soft! It was amazing and it helps detangle with minimal pain, and coming from me that’s a good review because I’ve got loooonnngg hair!

The item that surprised me the most was the McCormick Gourmet Thyme, because it is something I never expected to get but it is amazing! The packaging and product receive a 10/10 from me! Beautiful and yummy!

Now, I love Fruit Vines, and influenster was kind enough to let me have some for free! My mom buys them all the time and I was excited to get a bag to share with my boyfriend. These are yummy candies that are kind of like twizzlers!

Last but not least, we have the Rimmel products which were the best part of the box in my opinion, I desperately needed an eyeliner and Scandalous Eyes hooked me up! And what better way to remover the eye liner than with Rimmel London’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover? Great products! Look for a blog update soon! 🙂

Dean’s List VoxBox! The good, the bad and the ugly!

Recently, Influenster sent me a VoxBox created especially for college students, called the Dean’s List VoxBox (#DLVoxBox) and it was awesome! I have received about 3 boxes from this website in the past year an they have all been of a certain brand. I got the Colgate VoxBox, the Dr. Scholl’s VoxBox, and the Aveeno VoxBox. This is the first box I’ve gotten where I have gotten a variety of different products! So let’s review!

1. Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation

This foundation is so awesome! I mean it’s not tacky or sticky, it is so smooth and provides great coverage for someone like me! I break out a little here and there but I do not have severe acne, so this helps to cover up just what I need without feeling like a cake face! I always top this off with some mineral powder to keep it locked in. The color I was sent by influenster was 215, and it was a perfect match thank goodness! The packaging is super cute too!

Grade: 8/10

2. Pilot FriXion Clicker

I would just like to point out that my feelings on erasable pens are not the greatest. I always find myself more excited than I should be for these things and I always end up very very disappointed. That’s why this pen was such a breath of fresh air! It was wonderful! Most erasable pens come with an eraser at the end, kind of like a pencil eraser, but this pen has a rubber tip! It erases the gel writing perfectly! I am so amazed, I will definately repurchase!

Grade: 9/10

3. Sinful Colors Nail Polish in “No Text Red”

I love red nail polish! So this was an automatic win for me! I really love Sinful Colors formula, it comes on even and not too thin or thick. It is the perfect in between, now the brush is alright but the color is fabulous. This color is part of a no texting and driving campaign and I think it’s cool! Such a fun color, I have gotten a lot of use out of it!

Grade: 9/10

4.SoftLips Cube

Move over EOS! This tiny little cube is coming in and taking over! I received the Vanilla SoftLips cube in my VoxBox and I am absolutely loving it! It keeps my lips really soft and it smells soooo good! The packaging is very cute as well. I regularly purchase EOS, so I was kind of used to not being able to fit my lip balm in my pocket anymore so it didn’t take much to get used to! It’s awesome, the only thing is that the EOS has more product in it. This one is a little smaller!

Grade: 8/10

5. Airheads Bites

I already love Airheads, so these were a no brainer! They are easier to eat than normal and taste delicious! What else can you expect from Airheads? Loved these candies!

Grade: 10/10

6. KISS Looks So Natural Lashes

I am not a big fan of fake lashes, I have only worn them one other time before, but these did a pretty good job, even for me a first timer! They were very light and easy to use, I really liked them, but they are still not something that I would wear regularly.

Grade: 6/10

7. Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

I loved these! I am so glad influenster sent the whole product and not just a sample! They work incredibly well, and even though I do not do a lot of exercise they worked just the way the package states! Awesome!

Grade: 10/10

Thanks for reading, and Thank you Influenster!

Aveeno Targeted Tone Corrector.. It’s Awesome!

I received the AVEENO targeted tone corrector complimentary from influester and all I have to say is THANK GOODNESS this came at the time that it did! There were some funky spots on my face where I was hoping, praying and dying to look more even! When I received this I started to see results in two weeks!

The price, I looked it up, is very decent and you know what… for the quality of the product the price is actually very good!

This TTC has Vitamin A and helps fade dark spots as well as uneven tones. It is awesome and it’s even oil-free!!


I received this product complimentary from Influenster!

Check out Influenster Here!

Okay so… I received the AVEENO Target Tone Corrector and have been using it since I have some uneven skin tone areas that I would like to work on. So far.. I am loving this product!

It smells yummy and seems to be doing a great job and not irritating my skin at all! So compact and easy to carry around, the AVEENO team did a great job with the packaging!

I will keep the blog updated with the more use I give it… but for now it is a total 10 for me! It is just awesome overall!

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