Hello there Planner enthusiasts! Welcome to my eclectic blog! 

Today I am excited to present my very first FREE planner printable! I have been making these for a while, personalized to myself and my needs and I have decided to put some out there for other planner gals looking to make their planner look beautiful on a budget! I am no stranger to downloading some of the free pdf’s out there for my own planner so I thought it is now a good time to give back!

This is the Bill Due Multi color Half Box Set.


I am currently working on a sheet that has different exercise trackers.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or requests, leave me a comment below and I will consider it!

If you do use this Bill Due Multicolor page, please credit me at my blog “The Planned Life” or my planner instagram: @plannerprincessxoxo

Click the green link above to download!

The PDF might be a bit blurry, but mine came out fine! 🙂

Thanks! and Have fun!