Welcome back to The Planned Life!

Weekly, I’ll be showing you my spreads (pre-filled out) and talk about some things I think are important and also do a quick recap of how my week went. If you plan as well, I would love to know your weekly themes and recaps as well so comment at your leisure!

Week of September 7th through September 13th, 2015

  w4p1 w4p2

This week was kind of all over the place I am not gonna like. I wanted to find a new way to incorporate my online classes into my spread without making it too wonky… and yet… that still looks wonky to me (sigh). At this point, I was in dire need of new stickers so I did with whatever I had leftover. I really like this color scheme and I know that my hydrate sticker is majorly out of place. Besides that, I think the rest came out okay. I’m also still doing the work section atthe top and I’m still not sure how I feel about that.

Favorites and Recap: 


My absolute favorite part of this weeks spread was the little football icon to mark the beginning of football season! I am a total football junkie, (and I’m a pats fan btw), and I was very excited to put this little guy in. We did win the game of course… 😉 But anyway… I really was feeling this scheme but did not really like how faded the decorative paper came out. Also: I really need some new washi… ASAP.  Follow me on my planner instagram: @plannerprincessxoxo!

Thanks for reading!