Welcome back to The Planned Life!

Weekly, I’ll be showing you my spreads (pre-filled out) and talk about some things I think are important and also do a quick recap of how my week went. If you plan as well, I would love to know your weekly themes and recaps as well so comment at your leisure!

Week of August 17th through August 23rd, 2015


So this week was definitely revolutionary. I’m talking really budget friendly. So, I know I promised some budget friendly posts and here it is! If you look closely: You can identify that my theme is not made from washi. It is actually 59 cent decorative paper from Hobby Lobby and after I finished my layout, I still had half of it left! Like WHAT. I attached it with an elmer’s gluestick and it did NOT peel off or make my planner bulky at all. I went with the whole brown/black theme along with some woodland creatures and I think it came out very nice! I loved the end layout and it was fun figuring it out as I went. Also, I made a Plan With Me on my youtube channel so check it out here!

Favorites and Recap: 


My favorite part of this week’s spread was the decorative paper obvs! Also, I literally fell in love with these woodland creatures I got from hobby lobby a while back. They’re pretty big and glittery but so so cute. I also loved my little mail section. So this week was a little long, we had training at work for the first half of the week and it was so so boring. But I did learn a lot! Also, there was a lot of getting ready for school involved as well. Crazy, Crazy. Follow me on my planner instagram: @plannerprincessxoxo!

Thanks for reading!