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Weekly, I’ll be showing you my spreads (pre-filled out) and talk about some things I think are important and also do a quick recap of how my week went. If you plan as well, I would love to know your weekly themes and recaps as well so comment at your leisure!

Week of August 10th through August 16th, 2015

 w3p1 w3p2


This week I was so excited to use the washi pictured above. It was the wide washi from scotch and it was the perfect size for the bottom section where the checklists are. No more measuring and double cutting with this tape. I might look into getting some more. As seen above, the colors I picked out for this theme were orange, light blue, hot pink and yellow to match the washi. It looks a little eclectic, but it was fun to work with! This week, I began something new: The game flag reminders. I took some of the sports ball icons from the SPORTS page from Glitz Paper Co. blog, and used them to mark when some games were. I liked my weekend banner this week, but not entirely. I really need to work on my lettering!

Favorites and Recap: 


My favorite part of this week’s spread, were these cute little foxes whose colors fit perfect with my theme! Also, the little sports ball icons were super cute. This week was awesome, I actually had a REAL weekend and I spent it putting my office furniture together and decorating. I loved the time off and even though meal planning was a bust this week, I made some awesome penne pasta, spaghetti style. Also, I actually did get around to cleaning the house, and Daisy came over on Sunday instead of Thursday and we watched Season 11 episode 21 of Grey’s Anatomy (If you know what that means… *sobs*) Follow me on my planner instagram: @plannerprincessxoxo!

Thanks for reading!