Recently, I received another happy little box from a great website named Influenster. This website sends you free products to review, in exchange for your reviews! Penny for your thoughts type of thing. Click here to learn more about this website. Also, on my youtube channel you can find my unboxing of the Airbrushed Legs VoxBox.

So this is just leg makeup that you wear while you are showing off your legs, like wearing dresses, shorts. Personally, I don’t see an immediate need for something like this in my life. I don’t wear dresses, shorts or skirts that often. I wasn’t very impressed with the size of the product that influenster sent, but it was alright.

The actual makeup looks like a very sheer foundation formula and even makes your legs tanner. I liked it but was constantly worried about it rubbing off on chairs/sofas I sat on. It didn’t come on blotchy, but it water resistant. I didn’t go swimming while I had it on, but I bet my top dollar it would hold.

Overall, this seems like a nice product to invest in if you do wear things like this often and have veins, discoloration or scars that you want to try to even out. Just don’t expect miracles!

Rating: 6/10!