Know yourself!

There are many makeup palettes out there that are begging to be bought, and if you’re a makeup hoarder/ enthusiast like me, you’re always looking for the next best product. One little problem: budget.
Some of the palettes out there are pretty expensive for just a lot of eyeshadows, but the best part is that, you can’t feel guilty for splurging because these are things that you use daily! So how do I pick the best makeup palette for me? Which one do I buy next?
So step one  is to know yourself… do you like neutrals or bold pops of color? If you love neutrals maybe the Naked 2 is the better option and if you love bold, then maybe the Ammo Palette by Urban Decay. There are some palettes that have a mix of both. Do you like mattes, or shimmers? If you like mattes, maybe the Tartlette palette by Tarte is for you.
Step two: know your budget. Some of these palettes can run a bit high so think of what you need and figure out how much you are willing to spend on an eyeshadow! You don’t have to go big right away… build up your collection with palettes from NYX or Maybelline for example.
Step three: Do your research! Recently, I was looking to buy a palette and I came across the Coastal Scents Revealed 2, which looks gorgeous by the way, but after watching reviews on youtube, and reading some online, I came to know that it is something that I can live without because I hate chalky eyeshadows and honestly, it looks like this palette has quite a few!
So do your research and know yourself! One of the best tips I can offer is YouTube. Watch videos of beauty guru’s testing these things out and watch more than one! Then decide!