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Okay, to start off I would like to address the fact that I have been beyond sick this past few weeks and let me just mention that when I get sick… I GET SICK. My severe asthma definitely does NOT help and I just want to say that this taste test was performed by a person with a COLD.

So, Let’s talk process, shall we? I make my tea’s (and any other hot drinks for that matter) with my Keurig. First, I heat up the water, drop the tea packet in, add a sweetner and let it sit for about 2 minutes before drinking.

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This Celestial Tea was sent to me for testing purposes by Influenster! I received it in my #FrostyVoxBox and it came with two tea packets. It is the Candy Cane Lane Green Tea, which is just a fancy holiday name for green tea. After I added a couple spoonfuls of honey (I’m sick remember!) and tried it out, I honestly fell in love! I love green tea and this was great for my hurting throat and even soothed my cough for a while after.  All in all, this product is great! It is a great tea to have around the house, and I will definitely be purchasing the full size.