You know when you grow up in a town/city and when you get older you’re just like, “I hate this place and I can’t stand it anymore?” That’s how I feel like people in Amarillo think.
Amarillo, Texas is a dumpy little city up in the Panhandle with not much going on. Granted, it has its pro’s of course, like any other town/city but Amarillo is one of those place that has a lot of developing to do.
I have been here for almost 16 months and I feel like Amarillo still can’t keep me entertained for long.  There are a lot of cool places here, but this list tries to stick to unique things in Amarillo.

Here are some things to check out in Amarillo if you are ever visting, or god forbid, moving here.   

1. Sharky’s Burrito Co.
Think of this as a Burrito version of Subway, it’s really good, and talk about a unique experience. 


2. Cowboy Gelato
This place is on Route 66, and is so cute and friendly. Definately a must visit.


3. The Taco Trucks
Just a bunch if trucks serving real, REAL good mexican food.

4. Roasters
Better than Starbucks. And cheaper!

1. Hollywood Movie Theater
Small, but you know, catch a movie here!

2. The Mall
Chalk full of interesting stores,  but missing some important ones.

3. The Fair
So much fun! Funnel Cakes and Turkey Legs galore!


4. The Horse Museum
Amarillo really likes horses. And I am not interested to know why. But the museum is cool.


5. Route 66
Full of cute antique shops, Route 66 really is historic.


6. Midnight Rodeo
If you want to go out and dance. There you are.

7. Cadillac Ranch
A bunch of Cadillacs sticking out of the earth,  and you can graffiti on them to satisfy your graffiti-ing needs.


If you have time to come into Canyon, put these on your list.


-Chicken Express
Want REAL fried chicken? I found your place.

-Palace Coffee Co.
Cute, humble, a little pricey, but it’s got a great atmosphere. They have one in Amarillo now too. 

-Pure Water Ice and Tea Co.
Don’t miss out on the lemonade and the FroYo.


-Palo Duro Canyon
Great for hikes, with or without family!  Let go, and let nature.


-Panhandle Plains Historical Museum
It’s the biggest Historical museum in Texas! You can’t miss it!

Oh. And by the way, that horrid smell that drifts in with the wind at night? You can thank Hereford, the Beef capitol of the world. But, as Hereford would say it, “it’s the smell of money.”

You’re Welcome… y’all.
(None of the above pictures are mine.)