Recently, Influenster sent me a VoxBox created especially for college students, called the Dean’s List VoxBox (#DLVoxBox) and it was awesome! I have received about 3 boxes from this website in the past year an they have all been of a certain brand. I got the Colgate VoxBox, the Dr. Scholl’s VoxBox, and the Aveeno VoxBox. This is the first box I’ve gotten where I have gotten a variety of different products! So let’s review!

1. Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation

This foundation is so awesome! I mean it’s not tacky or sticky, it is so smooth and provides great coverage for someone like me! I break out a little here and there but I do not have severe acne, so this helps to cover up just what I need without feeling like a cake face! I always top this off with some mineral powder to keep it locked in. The color I was sent by influenster was 215, and it was a perfect match thank goodness! The packaging is super cute too!

Grade: 8/10

2. Pilot FriXion Clicker

I would just like to point out that my feelings on erasable pens are not the greatest. I always find myself more excited than I should be for these things and I always end up very very disappointed. That’s why this pen was such a breath of fresh air! It was wonderful! Most erasable pens come with an eraser at the end, kind of like a pencil eraser, but this pen has a rubber tip! It erases the gel writing perfectly! I am so amazed, I will definately repurchase!

Grade: 9/10

3. Sinful Colors Nail Polish in “No Text Red”

I love red nail polish! So this was an automatic win for me! I really love Sinful Colors formula, it comes on even and not too thin or thick. It is the perfect in between, now the brush is alright but the color is fabulous. This color is part of a no texting and driving campaign and I think it’s cool! Such a fun color, I have gotten a lot of use out of it!

Grade: 9/10

4.SoftLips Cube

Move over EOS! This tiny little cube is coming in and taking over! I received the Vanilla SoftLips cube in my VoxBox and I am absolutely loving it! It keeps my lips really soft and it smells soooo good! The packaging is very cute as well. I regularly purchase EOS, so I was kind of used to not being able to fit my lip balm in my pocket anymore so it didn’t take much to get used to! It’s awesome, the only thing is that the EOS has more product in it. This one is a little smaller!

Grade: 8/10

5. Airheads Bites

I already love Airheads, so these were a no brainer! They are easier to eat than normal and taste delicious! What else can you expect from Airheads? Loved these candies!

Grade: 10/10

6. KISS Looks So Natural Lashes

I am not a big fan of fake lashes, I have only worn them one other time before, but these did a pretty good job, even for me a first timer! They were very light and easy to use, I really liked them, but they are still not something that I would wear regularly.

Grade: 6/10

7. Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

I loved these! I am so glad influenster sent the whole product and not just a sample! They work incredibly well, and even though I do not do a lot of exercise they worked just the way the package states! Awesome!

Grade: 10/10

Thanks for reading, and Thank you Influenster!