It’s so difficult growing up… but you’ve probably heard that one before.

I am way past those days when all I had to worry about was what time the new episode of hannah montana started and what I was going to do about my mom constantly stepping in and ‘ruining my life.’

No that i’m almost twenty. ALMOST… mind you, I’m worrying about how to pay my phone bill, how to get through college and now… cars!

Honestly… I don’t have a license yet, in fact, I don’t even have a permit. But I can drive! Sure I need a little practice here and there switching lanes and whatot but the truth is driving isn’t really fun to me. I’m always too stressed (i.e what if I hit something, what if I hit a curb, how embarrassing if I park wrong) too scared (I hate high speeds, I’m not much of a thrill seeker..) or simply put too lazy. Driving either stresses me out or bores me half to death, there’s really no in between. Sure I want to get my license that way I have more liberty but that’s the only reason why. I don’t want to be running errands for my family all the time either.

So my boyfriend… he LOVES cars! He knows a lot about them too. He has a new dream car every two weeks and that because he can’t help but to fall in love with new features and specs that different cars offer. He’s about to be twenty also, and he is looking to buy a sporty car.

Here’s the deal… We’ve been together, about 3 years now give or take a couple of months, and we know we’re right together. He’s the light to my bulb and we love each other profoundly. I guess you didn’t need to know all that but there it is. We have so many plans together and honestly the only person I’d want on this journey with me is him! Okay.. so we don’t have an apartment yet, we are living in the dormitories at our school and we’re getting ready to buy a car together! We’ve been sharing Rufus (a blue mustang his parents gave him when he left for college) for a while not. Though its not really sharing because I don’t really drive… but I take Rufus to work sometimes!

The problem is we’re total noobs when it comes to grownup stuff! He’s a procrastinator and I’m an over-stresser! We hear so many pieces of advice that we don’t know which ones to listen to and we’ve got a LOT of questions! Do we put down a large down payment? Do we not? How does interest work with cars? Taxes? UGH!

I’ll keep you posted on what’s next!