If you happen to follow my blog… you would be familiar with the title:
My boyfriend, my fish and I.

Well I am sad to say that one of those things is not with us anymore.

I know it will take a lot of healing… after all it is a process to leg go of something you have become so dependent on… Someone you talk to and see every day is hard to let go.. but in the end I know it was for the best. I bet that we are both happy where we are now and to be honest I really feel good about it despite this being a terrible occasion.

I’ll miss watching TV with you, and playing silly tricks on you… but most of all I’ll miss those eyes of yours…

and with those words I regret to announce that my fish Bonnie has passed away…

She’s probably swimming it up in fish heaven right now… I love ya Bonnie always have and always will!

The picture below is of Bonnie watching the Lone Ranger (She loved watching TV..)