What 5 websites do you visit often and why?

Number One: CNN.com

I love to be updated, and unlike a lot of my generation, I like to know what is going on around me in my city, and I like to know what’s going on in my country. I am always watching the evening news and whatever else is going on. CNN may be biased at times, but it’s a great way to stay current and check out whats going on! I love the layout of the home page and honestly, I love learning new things!

Number Two: Gmail.com

I am always on my email, if you email me, you will get an answer and that is guaranteed! I love staying in touch with my family and friends and email is such a great and personal way to keep in touch and I love getting email! I never want to be late on anything that I need to be at or need to know about so I’m constantly checking this bad boy. I also have a Hotmail and Yahoo.com email but the Gmail format is so much better in my opinion. It looks cleaner, and is less cluttered and has some great personalization features. Plus, my Google+ account is linked to everything! What can I say? I’m a google type of girl!

Number Three: Youtube.com

What can I say? Can you blame me? Youtube is cable television for free! I love this website! I watch all sorts of videos in my spare time, from news to cat videos! The most watched genre would have to the beauty and how to sections, but I love staying current I love seeing what the rest of the people of the world are doing! Also, If you read my last post, you know I actually started a Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/kmoneykmoney100) not so long ago!

Number Four: Amazon.com

I can’t deny it. I’m addicted to shopping. And what better way to do that from home than AMAZON? I never really was a fan of eBay, I mean it was always kind of sketchy for me. Amazon is just a million times better! I am an Amazon Prime member so I get a lot of Prime qualified items in two day’s time! It’s awesome! I am always browsing for deals on Amazon!

Number five: wtamu.edu

I am always needing to get online to check what’s going on with my classes. This is my schools website so I’m always logging in. It’s just a handy tool to use and I’m glad to have this available to me!