A series of home runs, a pile of outs and some skimpy uniforms make “A League of Their Own” a not-to-miss movie. The amount of sexism and gender bias in this movie is incredible and proves to be a powerful eye opener.

The movie opened in 1992, it was directed by Penny Marshall and stars Tom Hanks, Geena Davis and even Madonna is buried in this treasure. The movie is about a women’s baseball league that starts up in order to entertain America while the men are off at war. World War II was a real shock to the female community. All of the sudden, when the men went to war women were forced to find means of fending for the family that was left at home. Women found new jobs in factories and all of the sudden gender roles were bending. Women were not spending forty hours a week cleaning and cooking.

This movie illustrates the struggle of being taken seriously as women ballplayers. The only way that they find the attention from the American people is by ‘womanizing’ themselves for the audience. They get support for their passion by wearing skimpy baseball uniforms and giving out kisses to contest winners. They find out sooner than later that if they are going to want the attention, they are going to still be ‘lady like’, i.e powdering their noses in between runs and hits. Even the advertisements at their games are womanized, the advertisers include bread companies and sewing machine companies.

To be completely honest, this movie is so powerful. All of the subtle advances to display the types of injustice that happened during this time is incredible. It really got me inspired to protect my rights as a woman and even educate the public on the unfairness of sexism. Sexism is something that still exists today. It is mostly present in the workplace, ever head of the gender gap? Or even the Glass Ceiling?

Take some time to watch this movie. It is currently on netflix and it is a great movie for gender research classes.