Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

Amusement parks… just aren’t my thing!

We had spent most of the day at an Arizona amusement park called Castles n’ Coasters. This place was awesome! It was buzzing with a carnival feel and you could hear the adrenaline filled screams all around us coming from the enormous rides. I have never been one for roller coaster and heights, I’ll tell you that! I am deathly, DEATHLY, afraid of heights, and I refused to even look at how high some of these rides actually went. It was pumping to just watch people ride the rides, I didn’t need to experience it myself… I was okay on the ground thank you!

To be completely honest, My best friend Jolene was kind of afraid too. I could kind of see it in her eyes and in the way she kept looking around.. neither of us really wanted to admit it because we both wanted to do something new together, so that down the road, years after, we would have a “Oh my gosh, remember that time when we…?!” type of moments. I guess we just wanted to be adventurous but neither of us had the stomach, guts or adrenaline to do it.

Finally after looking and walking around the whole park we sat down.

“Well… I don’t know if you noticed but there’s like a mini version and a BIG version of all of the rides here.” I said.

“Yeah, they’re like for people who might be afraid of the bigger ones..” she answered.

Suddenly.. the idea hit me..

“I KNOW!” I exclaimed, “We’ll ride the small versions and then if we don’t think they’re that bad, we’ll ride the big ones!”

Her face lit up. “Great idea!” she responded and we both sighed with relief.

We decided to make our way over to a mini roller-coaster at the edge of the park. It was probably two stories high and it went in a lot of spirals. No upside downs- because that was important. I did not want to hanging upside down off some rusty roller coaster! To sum up the ride… it was intense.. (and by intense I mean, it was shaky and sketchy) afterwards we both decided to not get on the big roller coaster, I mean there were better rides anyway right?

We came to another ride. The big tall one with the needle at the top that just suspends you in the air and then drops you to your almost death in half a second. We were amazed at how TALL it looked from the ground.. Then we realized we were only looking at it’s smaller version! The actual ride was so HUGE, I mean it was HUGE!

We quickly dodged the bullet and ran to another side of the park… “Maybe that one later….” We whispered under our breath.

Then we saw it. The LOG RIDE! The log ride would be so much fun! There was a mini version and a big version too, and they were right next to each other. We hastily got in line and waited… and waited… and waited.

“If the big log ride wait is this long too, I don’t want to do it!” Jolene said.


Finally it was our turn! We got a log all to ourselves, and we hopped in. 

“Just hold on to the bars and keep your hands and feet inside of the log at all times.” the operator said dully. Then in a jerk it started to move forwards and I thought:

Wait a second… Aren’t I supposed to wearing a seatbelt or something? What, I’m just going to go down the side of this mountain IN A LOG with NO SEATBELT?!

Well.. At least Jolene sat in the front..

The ride was actually fun, but we weren’t going to lie to ourselves the drop was pretty scary and we decided to not get on the bigger one. Then we saw it. We. Saw. It.

We weren’t heading back to the operator after the drop… We were circling around going up a bigger mountain… THIS WASN’T JUST A SMALL RIDE! THE SMALL RIDE AND BIG RIDE WERE CONNECTED! IT WAS ALL ONE BIG HORRIBLE FAST AND TALL RIDE!

We barked ourselves… We said our prayers and held on to each other tight. We ducked under the log and shut our eyes, suddenly we stopped and then..

We fell….

and fell…

……and fell.

We landed at the bottom soaked in water and with our hearts pumping. We were so glad it was over.

“We are NEVER doing that again!” Jolene exclaimed.

We ended up walking around the park and watching all of the crazy adventurers getting on all of the rides. “They’re crazy.” I said. “Yep.” she added.

In the end, we ended up just riding on the “Magic Carpet” over and over all night long.

I think we really like that ride. I mean it was on the ground!