the vampire diaries

Is anyone else like obsessed with this show? I just started watching it! And…. I’m not liking so much but I swore to watch the whole first season so here I am!

So far I’ve watched Season 1: Episodes 1-5

In Episode one we are introduced to Elena and her friends, her druggie brother, and of course Damon and Stefan and the whole vampire concept was just so similar to Twilight it was literally killing me. The ‘handsome’ vampire who loves the girl blah blah blah. AND THEN there’s the effects. Like really.. FOG. FOG JUST STARTS COMING FROM ALL SIDES SO RAPIDLY. There’s a lot of stuff I’m not liking.

I mean I’ve done theater production before and this fog is just a scene killer. One thing I’m kind of going along with is the story. I just saw one of the posters for the most recent season and Elena is wearing like an awesome dress and all I’m wondering now is like.. hmm I wonder how she finds out. And more importantly, Where and how does she get that dress? Does she get powers??

I can just say I did not expect the “hot awesome handsome” vampire boyfriend joins the football team. Like I thought vampires were too cool or whatever. Something else that surprised me is the fact that they like hooked up like into the third episode or whatever.

The brother being 15 and a stoner is a little weird, and I also think Elena’s backstory is just way too strong.. Like BOTH of her parents died? Her best friend is a psychic? COME ON.

Well I guess I’ll just keep watching and keep updating every five episodes. We’ll see if this show has the potential to reel someone like me in!

(BTW Supernatural is like my favorite show ever, so I’m pretty sure it won’t beat that!) 😉