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The Planned Life!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my oh so, great blog! (Sarcasm.)

Well I have thought about this long and hard, and have decided to add some new sections and parts to this blog. Right now, it’s mostly reviews and late night thoughts. I hope to add more about my nail art in the future, tutorials and so on, but the next step in this humble blogs journey is tackling the Planning Community!

I will be regularly posting my planning adventures and keeping this blog updated on my planning. I have also been working on designing stickers, so hopefully soon, I will be able to offer some freebies to other planner enthusiasts.

Alright MOVING ON: Here are some quick FAQ’s

What type of planner do I use?

Currently, I am planning in a Plum Paper Planner for the 2015-2016 year. I debated whether this or the Erin Condren Planner would be better for me. I went with PPP for simple reasons: 1. It was cheaper 2. It could start on the month that I wanted it to, therefore no wasted months and 3. It’s the same size as the EC and the differences between the 2 are minuscule in my opinion.

So I use my Plum Paper Planner which I have trimmed and hole punched into a platinum Carpe Diem.

How often do I plan?

I plan every week on Sundays.

How long does it take you to plan?

Anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours. I know, crazy.

What is your favorite thing about planning?

My favorite thing would be the fact that I can keep my life organized, which I really need because I seriously forget everything, and I can have a creative outlet. It let’s me set goals and encourage myself to move my life in the direction that I want.

How much do you spend on planning?

Honestly, everyone has their own way of planning. Some people love using stickers in their spreads, some love stamps or just simply writing in their tasks. Some like to use their planner as more of a diary, or inspirational book. How much you spend really depends on that. Now, I’m a college girl, and even though I go crazy for the adorable stickers, stamps etc in those wonderful etsy shops, I don’t have hundreds of dollars laying around for buying supplies every month. I am learning how to make stickers on my own and finding cheaper alternatives to suit my needs.

How do you plan on a budget?

It’s all about where to look. I spent hours on end searching the deepest caves of the internet looking for planner freebies, like printables. I shop at hobby lobby, michaels, walmart, and target when they have sales going on. The best plan is to learn how you plan and go accordingly. I will make another post about planning on a budget and tips later on. Keep an eye out.

Thanks so much for reading, and get ready for my planner posts, a series I’m going to call “The Planned Life!”

See ya in my next post!




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the loneliest time in my life

I stood there in front of the mirror, disgusted at how much I had let my mind take over.

I hadn’t eaten in days, I was constantly throwing up and my body felt heavy and weak. My boyfriend waited in the other room anxiously trying to give me the space I demanded. Then, it hit me again like a wind so strong it knocked my heart all the way to the bottom of my stomach. “Why? Why is it worth it?” I asked myself, but I couldn’t seem to come up with any answers.

I wish depression was like it is in the movies. You know, where the character is so depressed and they go out and do wild things and not care about life and then someone comes into their life and saves them. Depression is when time moves for everyone else but it refuses to move for you. Depression feels like one of the loneliest things in the world because it is such a personalized experience. People get depressed for different reasons, but what we have in common is the struggle to beat the emptiness that comes with it.

In 2010, I was coping with the kidnapping and murder of a very, very close relative of mine. Shortly after in 2012, my grandmother whom I grew up with and was my best friend and partner in crime passed away. In that same year my dad has his leg amputated because of his diabetes and I felt like life would not stop throwing curve balls at me. I was emotionally exhausted and completely drained but (I thought) I  had made it through. I had never experienced depression before but when I moved into the dorms for my very first semester in college, in 2013, the stress and sadness consumed me. I was away from all of my family in a new town trying to find myself and it came out of nowhere.

My brain was consumed by horrible and devastating thoughts about death, the world, my life, and the fear of oblivion. They started off as small strings of weird thoughts that I would brush off, and they accumulated into a huge force that put my life on hold. I just wanted to sleep. I didn’t want to wake up. I wanted to cry and I didn’t want anyone to ask why.  I didn’t want to talk about it because it scared me even more to hear those thoughts out loud. I couldn’t understand how I wasn’t strong or smart enough to just ‘snap out of it.’ I became terrified of the fact that one day I would have to say goodbye to some of the people I love the most forever…I mean they would just stop existing. I didn’t want to talk to them either because it would trigger the thoughts that one day I wouldn’t have them and an anxiety attack would swallow me whole.

How could a girl like me, so headstrong and ambitious, be caught up by something like this? How could I not be stronger than myself?

After what seemed like an eternity, I went into counseling at my university because I knew I didn’t want to continue on this road and I was definitely not ‘snapping out of it’ on my own. The counselor suggested writing, so I wrote. I wrote my heart out and seeing those words that triggered my thoughts on paper, made it even more real and terrifying. I braced through it and wrote even when I didn’t want to. I talked to my boyfriend about it and even though he never fully grasped how or why, he listened. I talked to others in private about their depression and their struggles. I surrounded myself with good people and positive quotes and stories. I re-imagined my goals and switched my major to Social Work. I reinvented myself on the inside, and no one even knew anything was wrong.

Some things still trigger a bit of that dark time in me, it’s a scary flashback but it is one that puts my life in perspective. I am thankful for my depression because even though I have managed to overcome and regain control of my mind, it’s there reminding me of how much I’ve grown and how much I have overcome. My journey with God has never been the same since then and I can’t say I’ve grown closer to my faith because I needed to take a step back from it, but I am definitely starting to find my way back.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

#ExtraordinaryOil VoxBox

Recently, Influenster sent me the #ExtraordinaryOil VoxBox and it was awesome!

If you don’t know what Influenster is, check it out here!

So this voxbox came with a full size shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. I’m not going to lie it was nice to receive so much product!

I made a video review on the oil, and then later tried the whole Extraordinary Oil set and loved it. I have always been weary of trying out new hair products because it takes a lot for me to notice a difference in my hair. Before this I was using Head and Shoulders with some cheapy conditioner because it’s what works with my hair.

I loved these products through! They were extremely nice and the oil was a great size. I will definitely continue using it!


Unilever #TryDry Walmart VoxBox!

It’s been a while influenster!
Glad to see you still think I can help y’all out!

If you don’t know what influenster is.. I have a post describing it!

Recently I received this Unilever product in my Walmart VoxBox and I love it! It is a spray on dry deodorant from Degree that smells amazing and definitely goes on dry. This product does exactly what it claims to do.

The problem with me is that I’ve never really been a spray deodorant kind of gal. It’s not the drying that concerns me, it is the coverage. I don’t sweat a lot, but I still feel like I need to keep putting this product back on.

The packaging is nice, but very cold! I expect that though since it’s an aerosol spray. Nice product though!



Planning on a Budget: Planner Freebie!

Hello there Planner enthusiasts! Welcome to my eclectic blog! 

Today I am excited to present my very first FREE planner printable! I have been making these for a while, personalized to myself and my needs and I have decided to put some out there for other planner gals looking to make their planner look beautiful on a budget! I am no stranger to downloading some of the free pdf’s out there for my own planner so I thought it is now a good time to give back!

This is the Bill Due Multi color Half Box Set.


I am currently working on a sheet that has different exercise trackers.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or requests, leave me a comment below and I will consider it!

If you do use this Bill Due Multicolor page, please credit me at my blog “The Planned Life” or my planner instagram: @plannerprincessxoxo

Click the green link above to download!

The PDF might be a bit blurry, but mine came out fine! 🙂

Thanks! and Have fun!



The Planned Life: Week 4 (Kind of)

Welcome back to The Planned Life!

Weekly, I’ll be showing you my spreads (pre-filled out) and talk about some things I think are important and also do a quick recap of how my week went. If you plan as well, I would love to know your weekly themes and recaps as well so comment at your leisure!

Week of September 7th through September 13th, 2015

  w4p1 w4p2

This week was kind of all over the place I am not gonna like. I wanted to find a new way to incorporate my online classes into my spread without making it too wonky… and yet… that still looks wonky to me (sigh). At this point, I was in dire need of new stickers so I did with whatever I had leftover. I really like this color scheme and I know that my hydrate sticker is majorly out of place. Besides that, I think the rest came out okay. I’m also still doing the work section atthe top and I’m still not sure how I feel about that.

Favorites and Recap: 


My absolute favorite part of this weeks spread was the little football icon to mark the beginning of football season! I am a total football junkie, (and I’m a pats fan btw), and I was very excited to put this little guy in. We did win the game of course… 😉 But anyway… I really was feeling this scheme but did not really like how faded the decorative paper came out. Also: I really need some new washi… ASAP.  Follow me on my planner instagram: @plannerprincessxoxo!

Thanks for reading!


The Planned Life: Week 3

Welcome back to The Planned Life!

Weekly, I’ll be showing you my spreads (pre-filled out) and talk about some things I think are important and also do a quick recap of how my week went. If you plan as well, I would love to know your weekly themes and recaps as well so comment at your leisure!

Week of August 17th through August 23rd, 2015


So this week was definitely revolutionary. I’m talking really budget friendly. So, I know I promised some budget friendly posts and here it is! If you look closely: You can identify that my theme is not made from washi. It is actually 59 cent decorative paper from Hobby Lobby and after I finished my layout, I still had half of it left! Like WHAT. I attached it with an elmer’s gluestick and it did NOT peel off or make my planner bulky at all. I went with the whole brown/black theme along with some woodland creatures and I think it came out very nice! I loved the end layout and it was fun figuring it out as I went. Also, I made a Plan With Me on my youtube channel so check it out here!

Favorites and Recap: 


My favorite part of this week’s spread was the decorative paper obvs! Also, I literally fell in love with these woodland creatures I got from hobby lobby a while back. They’re pretty big and glittery but so so cute. I also loved my little mail section. So this week was a little long, we had training at work for the first half of the week and it was so so boring. But I did learn a lot! Also, there was a lot of getting ready for school involved as well. Crazy, Crazy. Follow me on my planner instagram: @plannerprincessxoxo!

Thanks for reading!


Book Review: 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult

14866This book has placed itself on my best reads list. It was definitely not something that I was expecting to love. At first glance the book looks like a tough read, and it is. Just not in the sense that you think. Starting off a roller coaster of emotion, the beginning gets right to the tragedy at Sterling High School. Some delusional monster of a kid has shot up the school claiming ten lives and wounding countless others. This book helps teach the importance of media censorship and judging a book by its cover.

People do things that shock us all the time. Steal, lie, cheat, kill. Are they really monsters? Or are they human? In this book, Peter Houghton, a long time loner and outcast takes revenge on the people who have bullied him and tormented him his whole life, and a few “innocent” others.

What I loved so much of this book is the way that at the beginning, you think: How could someone do this? This person deserves life in jail, they deserve to be put away. Picoult feeds us anecdotes from Peter’s childhood that destroy you inside. His mother, Lacy, thought she raised him as the perfect child. This book gives us the parents insight. The people that commit these tragedies are someone’s son, daughter, student, cousin, lover..

If you’re looking for a bit of a plot twist (plot twist rating 5/10) and a deeply emotional journal that will cause you to look at yourself and try to understand those around you, don’t waste time in reading this amazing book.

Plan With Me: On a Budget!

Check out my newest video!

This is my first ever Plan With Me, I tried something different and instead of using washi tape I tried using decorative paper which is a cheaper alternative! It turned out great, I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching!


The Planned Life: Week 2

Welcome back to The Planned Life!

Weekly, I’ll be showing you my spreads (pre-filled out) and talk about some things I think are important and also do a quick recap of how my week went. If you plan as well, I would love to know your weekly themes and recaps as well so comment at your leisure!

Week of August 10th through August 16th, 2015

 w3p1 w3p2


This week I was so excited to use the washi pictured above. It was the wide washi from scotch and it was the perfect size for the bottom section where the checklists are. No more measuring and double cutting with this tape. I might look into getting some more. As seen above, the colors I picked out for this theme were orange, light blue, hot pink and yellow to match the washi. It looks a little eclectic, but it was fun to work with! This week, I began something new: The game flag reminders. I took some of the sports ball icons from the SPORTS page from Glitz Paper Co. blog, and used them to mark when some games were. I liked my weekend banner this week, but not entirely. I really need to work on my lettering!

Favorites and Recap: 


My favorite part of this week’s spread, were these cute little foxes whose colors fit perfect with my theme! Also, the little sports ball icons were super cute. This week was awesome, I actually had a REAL weekend and I spent it putting my office furniture together and decorating. I loved the time off and even though meal planning was a bust this week, I made some awesome penne pasta, spaghetti style. Also, I actually did get around to cleaning the house, and Daisy came over on Sunday instead of Thursday and we watched Season 11 episode 21 of Grey’s Anatomy (If you know what that means… *sobs*) Follow me on my planner instagram: @plannerprincessxoxo!

Thanks for reading!



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